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The easiest way to have your own investment fund without raising capital from your clients.

Castle Rock FX PAMM

The Castle Rock FX PAMM programme is an investment vehicle that allows anyone the opportunity to invest without having to trade in the markets.

Our PAMM programme also allows fund managers to earn additional income from the successful management of client funds.

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Advantages of the PAMM programme

Gain a better understanding of the financial markets by following and interacting with more experienced traders. Followers enjoy benefits such as:

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  • 250 Minimum Deposit
  • Invest in PAMM with less
  • Expand your portfolio
  • Diversify your income
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  • Full Automation
  • Real-time reporting
  • More efficient commercial management
  • Focus on building your portfolio
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  • PAMM performance table
  • We note your success
  • The results are displayed on our site
  • Reach more investors
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  • Maximum Control
  • Easily control investment sizes
  • Flexibility for deposits and withdrawals
  • It's your account, you decide

How does the Castle Rock FX PAMM programme work?

As a Castle Rock FX PAMM Account Manager, you will be able to manage your clients' funds. When a PAMM Manager successfully manages an investor's funds and makes money, they will charge a success fee, a pre-agreed percentage of the investor's profit.

To choose a PAMM Manager, investors can browse the ranking of Money Managers and select the ones that most closely match their investment objectives. Finding a Money Manager on the PAMM Performance table is simple: create an investment account and search the Money Manager portal for the ones that best match your objectives.

In short: gains and losses occurring in the PAMM Account of the Money Manager will be shared among all investors participating in the PAMM on a pro rata basis.