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Join the global community of traders who share expertise and enjoy equal rewards.

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Designed to connect traders across geographic boundaries and trading levels, CR-Copy is a powerful tool, allowing traders to join forces and work together as allies in an attempt to dominate the markets, Transparent, Secure, Effective.

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Social Trading Platform

Shared knowledge and mutual benefits

Social Trading Platform

Innovative and automated trading

Social Trading Platform

Easily accessible through browsers

Social Trading Platform

Fast and effective

Benefits for supporters

Gain a better understanding of the financial markets by following and interacting with more experienced traders. Followers enjoy benefits such as:

Social Trading Platform

Full control over your account

Control operations at any time Set your redemption level Withdraw your funds at any time

Social Trading Platform


CR-Copy Saves you time and energy No need to develop your own trading strategy

Social Trading Platform


Follow more than one strategy provider. Copy different trading styles. Create a unique people-based portfolio.

Advantages for Strategy Providers

As a strategy provider, you can demonstrate your trading techniques and enjoy benefits such as

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Rate of return up to 50%.

Plan and trade and get rewarded for your successful trades with a performance fee of up to 50%.

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Quick Payments

Performance fees are paid every two weeks, quickly and securely.

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Demonstrate your trading knowledge

Showcase your unique trading skills, let others follow and copy your trades and build your community of followers.